We provide nearly as much business consultation as we do program coding!  Our experience in many different disciplines allows us to bring insights and suggestions to our clients before we ever start coding a project.

Work Flow Analysis - Before we can recommend software solutions, we need to understand how work flows though your organization. Who does what for the organization? What rights does each team member have to data acccess? What computer skills does each team member possess? What safe guards are needed for what type of data in your database?

Data Flow Analysis - The next step is to determine how data flows through your organization. This includes who initiates data capture (with what resources), who uses these data and how,is it used, what form must the data analysis take to properly inform management, etc.

Project Development!

We speak weird languages such as SQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, ColdFusion and more so you do not have to!

Yes, we code projects.  But there is a lot more to development than coding.  We help you acquire a good domain name. Then we help you acquire hosting for your project.  You will own your domain name and your hosting account.

We also do all the setup for your project in the Cloud.  This includes setting up FTP accounts, email accounts, Domain Name Server (DNS) linkage, Data Source Name (DSN) configuration, SQL database schema and secure interface certification (formerly known as SSL).  If necessary, we can help setup HIPPA and PCI firewalls.

When you are ready, we can help you work with a cyber security professional to ensure your online data is as safe as possible.