Our managing partner spent 20 years managing Field Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support organizations both military and corporate.  He was a mid-level manager for both TRW, Inc. and GTE-Sylvania, Inc.

He developed unique software estimating tools for Goverment proposals for technical training materials and course presentations.

He is a professional instructor who has presented complex, computer controlled, specialized computer systems for military and Government personnel.

He is a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Since 1990, he has been an independent business owner providing database software tools for small to medium sized businesses helping prevent theft, improve cash flow and refine work and data flow to maximize efficiency and access to timely information.

He has worked directly with CEO's, CFO's and senior management to ensure the final product is both cost effective and designed to be easy to use by all staff members.

Not all solutions are software applications.  He provides nearly as much business consultation as program coding!  His experience in many different disciplines allows him to bring insights and suggestions to clients before ever starting to code a project.

He works with cyber security professionals, web designers and graphic artists to provide a complete Cloud-based solution for your business needs.